Maritime Aerospace AG

Maritime Aerospace AG provides first class interior and exterior services for the aviation industry and is well known for its operational excellence and Swiss habits. Located at the Airport St. Gallen / Altenrhein in Switzerland Maritime Aerospace AG is a certified Part 145 EASA Maintenance Organization and a Part 21G EASA Production Organization and delivers the needed documentation with every service.

For the general aviation industry Maritime Aerospace AG serves its customers with complete capabilities including seat and panel upholstery, carpet replacements on site, wood reveneering and revarnishing, electroplating, leather upgrading, on-site smart repair and window services.

For the commercial aviation industry Maritime Aerospace is the leading provider for interior paint services, cabin smart repairs in first and business class, leather seat cover upgrading and cabin window repairs. The helicopter interior and exterior one-stop-shop completes the service portfolio. Maritime`s highly knowledgeable and motivated international team , the state-of-the-art paint infrastructure and the new shop floor area with more than 1000 sq. meters provide the platform for sustainable premium service results.

Part-145 Approval Part-21G Approval


Your Contacts and Experts

Accountable Manager

Hermann Bauer is the Accountable Manager of Maritime Aerospace. He is responsible for Personnel, Production, Subcontracting, Research & Development and Company Strategy.

Carsten Matthiesen
Managing Director

Carsten Matthiesen is responsible for Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Legal & Contracts, IT and Company Strategy.

the Team
Administration & Production

The international Production and Administration Team of Maritime Aerospace builds the highly experienced, knowledgeable, innovative and flexible backbone of the Company.


First Class Products and Services

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  • Reveneering and revarnishing of all wooden surfaces
  • Upholstery works on seats, sidewalls, dado panels and all other soft goods
  • Carpet replacement on site
  • Leather upgrading and repair
  • Production of unlimites surface effects and countertops
  • Electroplating
  • Repaint of all cabin interior parts
  • Custom-made interior parts
  • Flammability according FAR/CS 25.853 APPENDIX F

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  • Exterior VIP painting
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Release to service of every helicopter

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  • On-site perfect smart repair by mobile care team
  • Cabin interior deep cleanings
  • Ozone cleaning procedures
  • Desinsection
  • Exterior smart repairs
  • Cabin window repair
  • Polish of leading edges and air intakes
  • Exterior drywash, polish and coating
  • Special requests

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  • Repairs
  • Refurbishment & recolouration
  • Color change

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  • Cabin window repair (flying cutter machine for every window type)
  • Cabin window repair (in situ repair)
  • Application of rain repellent coating
  • Cockpit windshield and sideshield repair
  • Ultrasonic non-destructive-testing

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  • Interior cabin surveys
  • Exterior paint surveys
  • Exterior paint downtime surveillance and final inspection
  • Cleaning process optimization
  • Paint cabin infrastructures


New and Exciting Developments in Business


EASA Certified Spot Refurbishment

EASA Certified Spot Refurbishment:

QCM Engineering and Maritime Aerospace introduce a Certification Process with Engineering Order and Minor Change for in Situ Spot Refurbishment of Varnish and Leather

Every Business Jet is subject to unaesthetic signs of usage after some time in operations. As described damages are generally small, rectification can be performed in situ at the aircraft. To date, EASA conform certification in regards to such spot rectifications led to difficulties and challenges.


Carpet Summer Special


QuoVadis Exterior Aircraft Painting

QuoVadis Exterior Aircraft Painting

Every couple of years aircraft have to be repainted – depending on strain. Painting is necessary for optical as well as technical reasons and within aviation, it is part of the structure and is classified as Heavy Maintenance.

Technically, the quality requirements are clearly defined and regulated by the OEM. Thus the paint should protect all appearing surfaces and preserve the value of the aircraft. In the process, different aspects such as weight, should be considered.


Our Interior Manufactory

Visit our Interior Manufactory

Maritime Aerospace is proud to present its brand new First Class Aircraft Interior and Exterior Services Shop. With almost 1000 sqm Maritime Aerospace can accomodate complete interiors of business jets from CJ to Global. Its state of the art infrastructure with new paint infrastructures (2 paint cabins), new upholstery & wood shops and perfect storage conditions for interiors and materials set the benchmark in the sector. Come in and have a look. 


Agreement with Jet Aviation Vienna

Maritime Aerospace AG signs Framework Agreement with Jet Aviation Vienna for Interior & Exterior Services, such as Full Refurbishment Projects (wood & softgoods refurbishment), Cabin Window & Windshield Repair, Rain Repellant Window Coating & Deep Cabin Cleanings as well as Exterior Paint Fresh up and Permagard Treatments for the complete product portfolio of Jet Aviation Vienna. The Agreement is a major milestone for both companies and underlines the importance of the existing service relationship. 


Agreement with Altenrhein Aviation

Maritime Aerospace AG signs Framework Agreement with Altenrhein Aviation for Interior & Exterior Services, such as Full Refurbishment Projects (wood & softgoods refurbishment), Cabin Window & Windshield Repair, Rain Repellant Window Coating & Deep Cabin Cleanings for the complete product portfolio of Altenrhein Aviation. The Agreement is a major milestone for both companies and underlines the importance of the existing service relationship. Maritime Aerospace is looking forward to intensify future cooperation with its close neighbor at Altenrhein Airport.


Vertical Burn Test FAR 25.853 (a)

Aircraft Cabin Window Repair

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