EASA Certified Spot Refurbishment:

QCM Engineering and Maritime Aerospace introduce a Certification Process with Engineering Order and Minor Change for in Situ Spot Refurbishment of Varnish and Leather

Every Business Jet is subject to unaesthetic signs of usage after some time in operations. As described damages are generally small, rectification can be performed in situ at the aircraft. To date, EASA conform certification in regards to such spot rectifications led to difficulties and challenges.


QCM Engineering and Maritime Aerospace developed a solution. In situ spot refurbishment are executed exactly according EASA 21J approved spot refurbishment processes. Every spot refurbishment comes along with the appropriate certification which is to the benefit of all involved parties.

Perfect Cabin Appearance is a goal for every Business Jet Operator & Owner and the key to customer satisfaction and long-term preservation of value. Benefit from the Quick Response Cabin Interior Spot Refurbishment Team of Maritime Aerospace.

For full scale interior refurbishments our state-of-the-art infrastructure with VIP paint shop is the best place of performance. Send us your interior parts and you will be amazed by the unlimited possibilities of upgrading and refurbishment services.

Key Facts Spot Refurbishment

1. EASA Certified – EO & MC
2. Cost Reduction
a) On site repair - No Ferry Flights needed
b) No Removal of Parts
3. Independent to MTX Events
4. Fast Response
5. Perfect Repair & Certification

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