Reality vs. Prejudice

Swiss Companies in European Competition
- A commentary by Hermann Bauer

We are repeatedly faced with the same prejudice outside of Switzerland.

“Don’t even ask, it’s too expensive.”

But is it really?

Sceptics should keep in mind that it never hurts to ask and definitely give it a try! Those who actually overcame their presumptuous restraint and asked for a quote, report of a real “Wow-effect.” “I would have never expected that!” “I am surprised indeed.”

We as an internationally operating aviation company deliberately chose Switzerland as our location of business. Nothing is perfect of course. Nevertheless, Switzerland offers numerous advantages – especially in a globalized world of change.

Swiss quality is world-renowned, appreciated and in great demand - just as our virtues credibility, pragmatism and reliability. High quality and safety are central to our work. All these factors are essential especially in our VIP aviation business.

Although we are indeed aviation professionals, we don’t have our head in the clouds but in fact stay very much down to earth. Sustainability, flexibility, pragmatism and innovations keep us focused and on track. The customer comes always first and determines our course of action.

We, Maritime Aerospace AG, receive most of our orders from the European Union. We are that successful not only because we can offer all of the mentioned above but also because we are fit to compete, reflecting in fair prices, full transparency and strong lead times.

Employees earning comparatively much money is the most frequently used argument against Swiss companies. And even though that might be the case, high living expenses and a strong work ethic justify it.

How are we despite the odds able to make it within the Euro-zone?

Here are some answers:

  1. Employees work at least 42.5 hours a week. An extension to 45 is always possible.
  2. Employees have 20 days of holiday entitlement.
  3. Non-wage labour costs are comparably low.
  4. Organisation is lean managed.
  5. Fewer paid public holidays than in other countries
  6. Infrastructure is optimally used. Compactly and efficiently with high added value per square meter.
  7. Energy costs are consciously kept at a sustainable low level through technically innovative solutions.
  8. Streamlined processes, clear procedures and a transparent manufacture increase the productivity and speed up the processing time.
  9. Rapid reaction to changing conditions by flexible work regulations.

And: our team consists of a total of eight different nationalities. We combine the experience of all cultures to a perfect final product from our factory. We are driven by the passion for our profession. An international team in a global business with customers between Zurich and Tahiti.

Our customers benefit from all these advantages. As a result, we are not only able to compete but in fact beat our European competition as a customer recently confirmed we did against a Slovenian provider.

Our call to you:

Request a quote and let us convince you.

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